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Building Information Modeling (BIM Technology)

3D Modeling Mastery Increases Certainty

The Tough Job Team’s experience in leveraging and integrating BIM technology or 3D digital modeling continuously enhances our estimating, detailing and fabricating processes.  These processes serve as the backbone to delivering high levels of quality control throughout your entire project. Our mastery of the technology results in constantly finding ways to improve efficiency in our floor operations and in the staging of your project. You can be sure our 3D modeling supports all (BIM) processes from beginning to end.

3D Tekla Design Tools

As early adopters of Tekla 3 D Visualizing technology our proficiency with this design tool precisely guides all aspects of your project. This design tools offers benefits as follows:

  • Determine specific areas for special prefabrication visualization for preemptively identifying, detecting and resolving problems.
  • Diagram all aspects of project flow for effective project tracking and clarity.
  • Identify areas for special documentation to clarify complex details in your design
  • Rehearse plan for coordinating assembly, phasing and sequencing to avoid mistakes in delivery and staging
  • Ability to export active 3D PDF in place of downloading Tekla viewer App
  • Training for your team on how to read and use Tekla 3D models.
  • Easily access piece marks and shop drawing numbers from your model.
  • Use colorizing of individual model objects to help show their status.
  • Connections are designed and detailed to AISC standards and free of interference
  • Client and Engineer can check the BIM model to assure owner furnished equipment fits as planned
  • Modeling ensures problem-free processes: transportation, galvanizing, and all the way through erection
  • Model can be used to clarify commercial scope details
  • Engineering model is imported into fabrication modeling software or Conventional 2D Engineering drawings may be used
  • Engineering approval for fabrication is from 3D model & field erection plans rather than shop drawings
  • Engineering man hours are reduced
Mid City Steel sample image showing 3d Tekla Drawing.
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