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Why Choose Mid-City Steel

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The Advantages of The Tough Job Team.

You’re in competent hands with The Tough Job Team at Mid-City Steel, bringing over 800 years of combined experience to your project.


The Tough Job Team of Mid-City Steel believes in developing long-term relationships and places a high premium on personal service and project responsiveness. We work with you through the estimating and detailing steps by suggesting alternative pathways when we spot an opportunity to fabricate your design better, stronger or faster.


We employ a direct response estimating and detailing process.  Our company understands how important it is for you to meet critical deadlines with work winning proposals. We want to be your one-stop shop for custom Steel fabrication and value-added services. Our goal is to make The Tough Job Team from Mid-City Steel an extension of your company. We take this responsibility seriously and take pride in providing seamless integration into your project timelines.


In an industry where impersonal bidding is the norm, you need an advantageThe Tough Job Team at Mid-City Steel still believes that building a quality relationship with you is the real key to accomplishing extraordinary results. We achieve better results when we build on each other’s strengths and improve our collaboration as we work to win business together. When we fabricate your project… we are looking to prove ourselves worthy partners for your toughest jobs.

Our Strengths

  • A knowledgeable straight talking business development team that prides itself on over delivering.
  • An estimation team who love to use their experience and expertise to add value to your project.
  • A detail team that thinks on their feet and does not take shortcuts.
  • A quality control mindset that is continually reinforced throughout the entire fabrication process.
  • Continuous certification training for our entire fabrication team. We are AWS, AISC, and CWB certified.
  • A seasoned project management team that is at their best when the going gets tough.
  • Mastery of 3D Tekla Design Technology. Highly proficient and precise guidance of every aspect of your project from estimation to delivery.
  • Safety, Safety, Safety is top of mind in everything we do.

Professional Skills

With over 800 years of combined experience, The Tough Job Team from Mid-City Steel brings depth and real-world expertise to all aspects of your project.  Were not just strong in one area.  From estimating to final delivery we work to exceed your expectations for achieving zero defects on quality parts that fit in the field, staged perfecting and delivered to your site on time and on budget.  That’s our winning formula.

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Mid-City Steel is a member of the CWB

CSA W47.1 standards makes sure that the company’s welding procedures covering all joints, processes and positions used in fabrication/erection are current and approved by the CWB, and that weld quality and workmanship are up to the levels specified by the design or product standard. Each CWB certified company is required to employ an adequate number of Welding Supervisors, with welding related experience, to control welding operations. (CWB)

Image of logo for the American Institute OF steel construction. Mid-City Steel is an affiliate.

The American Institute of Steel Construction Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality Certification program for the building and bridge industry. (AISC)

We are your partner committed to doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations during every phase of the fabrication, staging, sequencing to meet your erection schedule needs. From on-site assistance during assembly to “All hands on Deck” problem solving when needed. We are your Steel Fabrication Tough Job Team. Let’s win together!