Vision, Mission, and Values

Why Choose Us

Driven By Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Mid-City Steel, Inc. was founded in 1972 and driven by our vision, mission, and values. Today we are a well established, technologically advanced, AISC and CWB certified steel fabricator based in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We are active in industrial facilities and equipment markets in the power generation, mining, petrochemical and transportation industries. We serve equipment manufacturers, facility owners, architectural and engineering firms, design-build and general construction contractors throughout North America. We fabricate structural members, plate-work, architectural and ornamental metalwork and miscellaneous products such as stairs and handrails.  We specialize in 3D digital steel fabrication, providing our customers with defect-free products.


To be your “Go To” partner for the toughest structural steel fabrication projects.

  • Straight Talk on pipeline status as it relates to the estimation of your project. We won’t string you along.
  • Preemptive Status Check Ins if any potential issues arise affecting your timeline. We take the initiative to ensure things go right.
  • Double Check Inspect throughout the fabrication of your project to ensure fit in the field and freedom from defects. Two experienced set of eyes, two experience qualified and trained fabricators on everything.
  • Your “Shipped Right” Logistics team will preview to make sure loads are properly labeled and staged. An optimum delivery experience!
  • Its “All hands on Deck” to resolve any concerns that arise during your projects completion window. Get it done on time!
  • Integrity – In all our actions honesty, truth, straight talk, Win/Win attitude.
  • Excellence- Always double check every detail in the pursuit of zero defects and prefect fit
  • Commitment to Excellence- To everyone in our circle of influence. Customers, suppliers and Coworkers
  • Communication – Open and honesty in achieving our mutual goals
  • Safety– #1 Priority -Everyone goes home safe everyday
We’re on a mission to serve you… let’s win together!